ESCoP 2013

Head and Neck Pathology, Kraków, June 2013

Roderick HW Simpson, Exeter, England.
Ann Sandison, London, England.
Nina Gale, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

24th June 2013

09.00-09.10    Opening of the course
09.10-10.00    Head and neck disease in Poland
10.00-11.00    Macroscopic examination of head and neck resection specimens
11.30-16.00    Pathology of salivary glands
16.30-17.30    Slide seminar

25th June 2013

09.00-10.00    Squamous carcinoma of the head and neck: morphological variants.
10.00-10.30    Preneoplastic lesions and dysplasia of the larynx
11.00-12.00    Pathology of the ear and base of skull
12.00-13.00    Soft tissue tumours of the head and neck
14.00-14.30    Midline destructive lesions of the nose
14.30-16.30    Slide seminar

26th June 2013

09.00-09.30    Benign sinonasal tumours
09.30-10.30    Malignant sinonasal and nasopharyngeal tumours
11.00-13.00    Slide seminar
14.00-15.00    Bone tumours of the head and neck
15.00-16.00    Metastases in the head and neck
16.00-17.00    Slide seminar